Woburn adult orthodontics

Woburn Adult Orthodontics

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Adult orthodontics in Woburn

Braces are not just for kids, and for a very simple reason: tooth and jaw alignment problems know no age limit. Here at Winchester Orthodontics, we have patients of all ages, up to and including great grandparents. Adult orthodontics are just as important as they are for children. You can depend on us for expert, experienced care.

If you have not thought much about braces for a long time, you may not be aware of some of the exciting innovations that have occurred regarding our Woburn adult orthodontics. Traditional braces aren’t so traditional any longer. They still do a fantastic job of moving your teeth into a more ideal position, but gone are the thick, clunky, uncomfortable contraptions of yesteryear. In their place are more stylish and lightweight options, including both metal and clear brackets. The continued goal is to find ways to offer you effective treatment with as many benefits as possible. Yet another way that our Woburn adult orthodontics makes that a reality is with Invisalign. They’re called clear braces, but technically they are aligners. Made out of clear plastic, they cannot be seen when you wear them, giving you privacy and eliminating the self-conscious feeling that many people have when wearing traditional braces. These aligners are also removable, so you won’t have to observe any frustrating food restrictions while having treatment. Instead, you just take out your aligners to eat, and put them back in after. There are no adjustments required with them, meaning you only have to come to our office on a six week schedule for checkups. That’s time you can put to other uses. And the comfort of plastic cannot be matched by more traditional options.

Not everyone is well suited to all types of braces. So schedule a consultation with our Woburn adult orthodontics right now and you can determine the best choice for your unique situation.

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