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Wilson Appliances in Lexington

Winchester Orthodontics provides you and your family with complete dental care at our Lexington orthodontic office. Our system of appliances are a complete system of fixed and removable appliances. We now offer the Wilson 3D Tube attachment that can allow appliances to be attached and removed. For more information, call our offices today so that we can explain how this works.

The Wilson 3D system provides great flexibility and allows appliances to be removed efficiently at any time during the patient’s treatment. This revolutionary new system is a way for attachments to provide stability. We also provide patients with clear braces as well as traditional in our Lexington orthodontic office. Usually most braces take at least a year to straighten teeth, depending on the level of misalignment. We also offer Invisalign Braces which are invisible braces that use a set of clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. Invisalign is a special kind of aligner in which we create a series and give you a new set every two weeks or so as the aligners gently and painlessly align your teeth into their new position over time. Invisalign takes around the same time as regular braces, but again, it all depends on the level of alignment needed.

Check the website of our Lexington orthodontic office for more information on our Wilson appliances and other braces. Patients may schedule appointments online. We accept a wide range of payment options, including many different dental insurance plans. We also have email and text message appointment reminders to help you stay on schedule. Patients can also download and fill out new patient and privacy policy forms online for their first visit. We are within walking distance of local schools and in a centrally located area so that our patients can easily find us.

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