Lexington child orthodontics

Lexington Child Orthodontics

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Pediatric orthodontics in Lexington

In the past, orthodontic work didn’t begin until the teenage years. Usually, young pediatric patients did not get braces at all. Today, Lexington child orthodontics is typical. It’s common for children as young as seven years old to get orthodontic treatment also called interceptive orthodontics at a quality practice like Winchester Orthodontics.

The philosophy of pediatric orthodontics is very different today than it was in the past. Typically, most dentists believe that it’s beneficial for young children to get orthodontic children. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, children should have their first orthodontic screening when they’re as young as age seven. Lexington child orthodontics is called Interceptive orthodontics and is also known as Phase One Orthodontics. This is an approach that involves orthodontic treatment before the pediatric patient’s adult teeth have erupted. Interceptive treatment uses special orthodontic devices during this period of time, which is typically when children are between seven and eleven years old. Some of them are: expanders, partial braces and growth appliances. However, not all children will need to get braces early. For those who do need to, the reasons early intervention might be recommended include: if the child is having difficulty chewing or biting, mouth breathing, thumb sucking after five years old, if the child has a speech impediment, has protruding teeth, teeth that don’t fit well together or an uneven bite, the child has crowded front teeth or if the child is losing baby teeth early or too late. There many benefits of early orthodontic treatment including: a reduced likelihood of impacted permanent teeth, guides permanent teeth into a better position, guides the growth of the child’s jaw, improves personal appearance, eliminates speech problems and difficulty breathing or eating.

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