Braces in Woburn

Braces in Woburn

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Damon braces in Woburn

What kind of braces are best? There is no easy way to answer that question. In fact, there is no answer at all. That’s because each and every one of our valued patients is unique, and when making recommendations for you, we at Winchester Orthodontics take into account your needs and preferences along with the difficulties presented by your teeth alignment issues. However, for many people, Damon braces represent an outstanding method for getting straighter teeth.

You may wonder how Damon differs from traditional metal braces? The key features that sets it apart is that they have no elastic bands and ligatures, making our braces in Woburn self-ligating. Instead of elastic bands, there are special clips that do not have to be replaced. That is all well and good, you may be thinking, but what the benefits as a result? For one thing, there is less friction, so whereas traditional metal braces can lead to soreness or irritation, you will find that our braces in Woburn are more comfortable to wear. You also won’t need an many adjustments, so you can make fewer trips to our office. With your busy schedule, that is certainly an advantage. And there is one other aspect that we need to mention. Damon braces typically give you the results you want and need in less time than with metal. There is something undoubtedly satisfying about getting what you want more quickly. None of that would matter much if you could not rely on the benefits of a more appealing smile and healthier teeth, free of complications and discomfort. We assure you that Damon gives you all that and more.

Come in and get started with our braces in Woburn. Contact our office to arrange a convenient time to come in for an appointment where our orthodontist will perform an examination and consultation.

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